• OSAA Academic Standards Requirements

    In order to meet academic eligibility standards for participation in OSAA programs, a student must meet the following:

    • Pass five subjects the previous semester, equivalent to 2.5 credits (OSAA)
    • Be enrolled and passing at least five subjects (2.5 credits) in the current semester (OSAA)
    • Pass all subjects or receive a 2.0 GPA the previous grading period (quarter, semester). Summer school or alternate grades will be credited when the next transcript is issued. (HSD)
    • Students not meeting OSAA requirements, by rule, are INELIGIBLE for the entire semester.

    OSAA Individual Eligibility Class Offering Chart
    OSAA Rule 8.1.1 Individual Eligibility

    Number of Classes Offered Minimum Number Passed
    4 3
    5 4
    6 5
    7 5
    8 5


    Satisfactory Progress Toward Graduation

    In addition to the specific credit requirement identified in OSAA Rule 8.1.2., to be scholastically eligible, a student must also be making satisfactory progress toward the school’s graduation requirements as determined by the District by having earned a minimum of credits, as indicated on the chart below, by the beginning of the specified year.

    Minimum Satisfactory Progress Requirements

    Credits to Graduate 24
    Credits Per Year 6
    (70%) – Prior to Grade 10 4.5
    (80%) – Prior to Grade 11 10
    (90%) – Prior to Grade 12 17

    Please note: it is recommended that students enroll in more than the minimum number of classes each semester to ensure they meet satisfactory progress toward degree requirements as outlined in the above chart.


    HSD Eligibility/Academic Standards Requirements

    Continuing students (except incoming freshman or transfer students) who are District-ineligible on the first practice date of the season will be placed on academic probation. Students will be allowed to practice but not compete in contests during this time. Beginning with the 4-½ week grade check, students may become eligible to participate in contests. Students will be required to do a weekly progress report for the athletic director to determine eligibility for the remainder of the season.

    Incoming freshman students or students who newly transferred into the District and are ineligible by HSD standards will be placed on academic probation immediately. This applies to the student’s first season of play during the year. Students will be allowed to participate in practices and contests during their academic probation period. Students will be required to complete a weekly grade/behavior check to determine eligibility for the entire season. Students not eligible at the end of the weekly grade check can become eligible during the next weekly period if they are passing all classes or have a 2.00 GPA and are meeting behavior standards.

    Students who were eligible at the beginning of the semester will have their grades checked at nine-week midterms. If they are deemed ineligible by HSD policy at this time, they will be put on the weekly check for eligibility.

    Acceptable Grading

    • Pass/No Pass grades do not calculate in as part of a student’s GPA for the purpose of this policy.
    • Pass/No Pass grades do apply to the number of classes passed.
    • Incompletes, standards-based, or no grade available at the nine-week grade check: Students may ask the teacher to provide a letter grade or a pass/no pass at this time to determine eligibility. If no grade is available, the student will be placed on academic probation and be required to complete a weekly grade check to determine eligibility. During this time, the student will be allowed to participate in practices and contests. Building principals are able to use the District hardship process for a student in these circumstances.